Peak Design Lens Kit & Straps review

A while back I did a blog post called "What's in my camera bag?". Shortly afterwards I actually purchased some additional gear for my bag. The idea was to streamline what I carry and to make moving around quicker and easier.

So after trying out a few different camera bag options I decided to try Peak Design's Lens Kit & Straps. I feel like I have road tested these for long enough to give my final thoughts.


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The 10 minute portrait session

Generally speaking myself and the couple will allocate a realistic amount of time for the creative portraits on their wedding day. But things don't always go to plan. So what happens when the schedule changes last minute and you can only allocate 10 minutes to these portraits?

Well, last week I was confronted with this exact situation.

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Capturing the moment

So many different elements go into capturing the right moment.
The technical settings for your camera for the given scene. How the light & shadows fall and shape everything that’s around you. How everything in your field of view (even if it’s out of focus) can be used to compose & frame the photo.
These are all a mixture of technical & artistic decisions that help capture the moment.
But there is one element that is probably more important…
…and that’s timing.

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A guide to how I process photos

I process every photo differently. But generally speaking I always follow a certain pattern or stages during processing. However what I do during those stages will depend on the photo and how I want it to look.
For this guide I will show you how I processed this particular photo, and most importantly, why I made the changes that I did.

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The advantages of a black & white wedding.

Color is quite a strong and powerful element that can help reinforce certain emotions in a photo. It can even help to give the photo more context and information. Colors can help determine the stage of the day or even the season. It can help to elicit certain emotions depending on what the photographer is trying to convey. Not only that, but color has the ability to instantly attract the viewer’s eye and effective use of contrasting & complementary colors can really bring a photo to life.

So why would I sometimes prefer to display some images in black & white?

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