11 Questions to ask your wedding photographer

There are a lot of wedding photographers out there. So many that it can be daunting when looking for one that suits your needs.
Here are a list of questions (with answers) that you should be asking your photographer.
Hopefully with these questions, you should be able to find a photographer that suits you.


1. With so many wedding photographers out there, who should I choose?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. So I’ll break this into a few smaller questions.
But first off, your budget plays a large factor on who you will hire. Typically people allocate around 10% of their total wedding budget to get a good photographer. But for now let’s assume that you have narrowed down a few photographers who are within your budget.
Then what do you do?
Well their style should be something that appeals to you. Do you like the colors in their photos, the posing in their portraits and the way candid moments are captured? If yes, then you are on the right track.
Other things you should look at are what is included in the package you get. How many photos do you get? Now it’s important to remember that quantity and quality are two very different things, more doesn’t always mean better.
Are all the photos processed, and if so what level of processing will I get? A good way to determine this is to ask to see a bunch of photos from throughout a wedding day. Not just the portraits. You can quickly tell if the photos flow together and if they all have the same level of professionalism as the portraits may have.
If you are booking the photographer for a large portion of the day then it is a good idea to meet with them. Do they offer a free test shoot with their package, so as you can get an idea of how they work?
There are other things you can do but generally speaking, if all the answers you get tick the right boxes, then you will probably be happy with the photographer and the end result.


2. What is your main photo style?

Just look at my photos to find out :) The photos should speak for themselves.
But regarding how I work with people, I normally take a documentary approach for any non-posed photos (preparations, ceremony, mingling etc). In most cases you probably won’t even notice me taking photos. My camera is always on silent so people don’t even know that I am taking photos. The end result is that I can capture natural moments without disrupting the flow of events. For portraits I take a more forward approach. Depending on the couple I will help direct them so they look and feel natural together. Time can be limited for the portraits. So it is extremely important to be able to get great results quickly, while keeping the couple relaxed and happy. For an example of myself working under an extremely short portrait session, check out this blog -  The 10 minute portrait session


3. Are all of our photos edited?

Yes all of your photos will be fully edited so that the color, exposure, white balance etc will be exactly as I intend them to be.
Subtle skin retouching to remove unwanted skin blemishes (bruises etc) are also part of my standard editing process.
All photos get the same amount of time and attention to detail when editing.


4. How long do I have to wait for my photos after the wedding?

I prefer to work on the photos quickly while the wedding is still fresh in my head. My delivery times are typically quick, but the maximum time you will have to wait is 6 weeks.


5. How will we receive our photos?

All packages get an online download link to their finished photo which will be high resolution. You will also get a USB key sent out to you with all of your photos stored on it. I do not watermark my photos.


6. What rights do we have regarding our finished photos?

You can print your photos with whoever you want. I do provide prints & photobooks but you are not restricted to only using me. You can distribute the photos on the internet, but any photos posted on social media sites require you to credit the photographer. I do not watermark my photos.


7. How far in advance should I book?

Ideally as soon as you have picked the date and booked the venue. Typically I would recommend a year in advance to secure the date. Currently I only have a few available spots for next years wedding season (2018).


8. Can I request certain photos to be taken?

Of course. I provide you with a “check list” of typical moments through out a wedding day. There are also blank areas where you can write in your own specific things. That being said, the check list isn’t really needed. Through out the day I will take photos of all the important things. The check list is more for me to see what parts of the wedding day you find important. Knowing that should help me to take photos that better suit your needs.


9. Should I look for locations to take our portraits in?

If you have a specific location that you must have in your photo then let me know and I will incorporate it into the portraits. Otherwise if you like my photos it is best to leave it to me. I always arrive early and scout the area for locations that suit my style.



10. What areas do you cover, do you charge travel expenses?

I cover all of Ireland and I do not charge for travel expenses.


11. Why are you a wedding photographer?

(Yes this question will throw a few photographers off as it is something we rarely hear)
Simply put, I love what I do.
“Capturing moments - Creating memories”
I love capturing moments. But it’s not just as simple as that. I work best under pressure and to strict time schedules which in turn boosts my creativity. Not only that but capturing a day that is constantly changing and flowing with emotions is a wonderful experience.
A wedding day is a day for celebrations. But so many moments, both big & small go into making it. Being able to capture these moments and turn them into memories for the couple is extremely satisfying. All the little things they did thought the day and the emotions they felt will come rushing back to them when they view the photos in years to come.