Why you should consider a "First Look"

It is an old tradition that the bride and groom should not see one another before the ceremony.
However many couples are putting aside this age old tradition in favour of a “first look”.
A first look is a private and intimate moment of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time, before the ceremony.
Of course this is an amazing opportunity for your photographer to capture some beautiful and emotional photos.

So why should you consider a first look? What benefit is there to choosing a first look over the standard tradition?

Feel & look natural

Some people just don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. But odds are you won’t even be aware of the camera when doing a first look. Your main focus will be on your partner while I, the photographer, will be focusing on both of your reactions. Your nervousness as you walk up, your partners anticipation waiting to see you for the first time. These emotions create beautiful and raw photos.
Not to mention that your hair and make-up will still be perfectly fresh.


Ease your nerves

A wedding can be a very stressful ordeal. Seeing your partner before the ceremony can help relieve a lot of stress. Hopefully this will make you less nervous walking down the aisle.


More time with your guests

Typically the couple portraits will be done straight after the first look. This leaves you with more time with your guests and family after the ceremony. You can also schedule some of the formal portraits to take place after the first look which will allow them more time to enjoy themselves after the ceremony.


Winter wedding

During the winter months available light can be a precious thing. Having a first look will probably mean that the sun is still up and shining during your portrait session.


Generally speaking I highly recommend for a couple to consider a first look. Not only does it create beautiful, emotional & raw photos. But it also helps the couple to share a private moment on their extremely busy day.

I would like to thank my son Rune and his friend Amelia, for playing along and allowing me to illustrate a first look in a cute and creative way.