The advantages of a black & white wedding.

Color is quite a strong and powerful element that can help reinforce certain emotions in a photo. It can even help to give the photo more context and information. Colors can help determine the stage of the day or even the season. It can help to elicit certain emotions depending on what the photographer is trying to convey. Not only that, but color has the ability to instantly attract the viewer’s eye and effective use of contrasting & complementary colors can really bring a photo to life.

So why would I sometimes prefer to display some images in black & white?


Well, when all color is stripped away, your interpretation of the photo is changed. We see the world in color and without it we need extra time to process the information in the photo. However that extra time viewing the photo is not devoted to the same things in a color photo.
You no longer are influenced by contrasting colors in an attempt to grab your attention. Nor will you have warm or cold tones to help guide you to a certain emotion.
Instead you will see more of the light and shadows and how they interact with each other. You will be drawn to people’s faces rather than their clothes. Their expression and their emotion should be self evident and should shine through so much stronger.


When I started doing photography as a hobby I was shooting on old film cameras. I shot a healthy mix of color and black & white film. But one thing I always enjoyed about shooting black & white was taking photos of people. The photos just felt more honest and I could connect more with the person in the photo. Black & white also had the advantage of giving a more pleasing skin tone, as it removed any color blemishes that the person may have.
It’s been a long time since I shot with film, but I still adore processing photos in black & white.


I do love processing photos in color and generally speaking my clients prefer my color processing so that’s what I focus on. You have so much more flexibility and getting the colors balanced the way you want is quite an individual and personal thing.


The photos in this blog are from my last portrait session. The couple preferred the color photos and I was very happy with how they turned out. But for the sake of showing people how their world could look like in monochrome, I am displaying these photos as a set, solely in black & white.