Rune & Morfar

This particular project started out as a fun way to take photos of my son (Rune) and his Grandad (Morfar in Swedish).

To Rune, Morfar is the best person in the world. So being able to capture the moments between them while also helping to nurture and encourage their relationship was simply a joy. I took most of these photos during late 2015 to early 2016

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Car enthusiasts of Sweden

I decided to take on a personal project inspired by my wife's father who is extremely passionate about classic Volvo cars. All the photos were taken over a one month period. I would love to revisit this project some time in the future to further expand on the catalog.

These are a series of environmental portraits, documenting people in Sweden who own classic Volvo cars. Everyone has a unique and personal reason for owning a classic car. But regardless of their reasons, they all share something in common with one another. I wanted to document the various owners, showcasing their differences, while also highlighting that they are all related in some way.

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