Frequently asked Questions

1. What are your prices?

If you would like to know our prices, please send us an email via the contact form and we will provide you with a complete price list.


2. What wedding packages do you offer?

We offer two wedding packages. A full day and a half day. If you wish we can make a custom package just for you.


3. How many photos do we get?

For a full day you will receive between 400-450 photos. For a half day you will receive between 200-250 photos.


4. Are all photos edited?

Yes all of your photos will be fully edited so that the color, exposure, white balance etc will be exactly as I intend them to be.
Subtle skin retouching to remove unwanted skin blemishes (bruises etc) are also part of my standard editing process.


5. How long do I have to wait for my photos after the wedding?

I prefer to work on the photos quickly while the wedding is still fresh in my head. But the maximum delivery time is set at four weeks.


6. How will we receive our photos?

All packages get an online download link to their finished photos which will be high resolution. You will also get a USB key sent out to you with all of your photos stored on it.


7. What rights do we have regarding our finished photos?

You can print your photos with whoever you want. I do provide prints but you are not restricted to only using me. You can distribute them on the internet, but any photos posted on social media sites require you to credit the photographer. I do not watermark my photos.


8. Do you work in all of Ireland?

Yes. Traveling is not an issue. We don't actually charge for travel expenses.


9. How do we book and when do we pay?

Bookings are normally done via email or Facebook PM. We take a 25% deposit which is paid within two weeks after your booking has been made. The final amount is paid the day before your wedding.


10. Can I request certain photos to be taken?

Of course. I provide you with a “check list” of typical moments through out a wedding day. There are also blank areas where you can write in your own specific things. That being said, the check list isn’t really needed. Throughout the day I will take photos of all the important things. The check list is more for me to see what parts of the wedding day you find important.


11. What happens if it rains during the portraits?

No need to panic. I always carry two small umbrellas that work well in photos (Small are better as if forces you to stand close together. It looks more romantic). If you want to bring your own just make sure they are unbranded (no writing) and pretty. White or transparent umbrellas can also work great. If the rain is too heavy or if you just don’t feel comfortable in the rain we will move to a shaded area nearby (inside or outside) and continue taking photos there.